What NOT to do if you want to build the next unicorn…

The startup landscape has become the wild wild west over the past few years. Insane valuations, little due diligence, and lack of product market fit are at the forefront.

But one startup-killer is worse than them all.

Competitive analysis.

Let me explain….

You’ll spend hours on end, examining every nook and cranny of the next guy’s vision — your competitors. They may be on to something big. But it’s not YOUR something big. You’re simply a copycat. And it’s a vibe-killer.

You may be building a bigger, badder, better product but your lack of confidence to put it out to the world will be your demise.

Additionally, you’re allowing your competition to pave the way and set the industry standard. And you’ll always be one step behind.

If you already did one of the hardest things you’ll probably ever do in your life by taking the risk of going out and creating your own venture despite all the criticism & negativity thrown at you, why have you now decided to be a follower? Your gut led you to this journey, let it be your compass.

You’re becoming the thing you sought to NOT be, way back at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. A follower.

Let tunnel vision kick in and don’t let external noise get to your head.

Your foresight is the key to your success.



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